Functional Rating Index: Electronic License


This license allows you, your staff and an unlimited number of patients to use the FRI on as many different computers or software programs as you want - no limit.

Some practitioners administer the FRI using software that allows patients to fill out the FRI on a computer kiosk at the first visit and on follow-ups. The software then creates a graph that can be used to communicate progress to patients and insurance companies. Software for this purpose can cost less than $10.00 at Apple or Android App Stores. These "survey" Apps allow you to create & use the FRI with various platforms (e.g., iPad, iPhone, kiosks). To find apps on the internet, do a Google search using key words such as "survey" and "apps" and "free".

If you want patients to fill out the FRI in paper format, you can scan the FRI into each patient’s computer file folder and create a graph of the patients’s scores using Microsoft Excel.

Please note that we provide no advice regarding the technical implementation of the FRI into your software package. We recommend that you contact your software vendor or tech support personnel for these issues.

The fee for the FRI Electronic License is based upon the duration of the license and the number of licensed health care practitioners in your clinic(s). See the License Fee Chart below. Contact us if your needs exceed these parameters.

License Fee Chart

Number of licensed health care practitioners in purchaser's clinic(s).
Length of license 1-2 3-10 11-30
5 years $29 $87 $174
10 years $39 $117 $234

Example: If there are two doctors and a physical therapist in your clinic, and you want the to use the FRI on your computer for 5 years, the fee is $87.

Click here to read the FRI Electronic License.pdf (You may print a copy for your files.)

If you are ready to purchase the FRI Electronic License, indicate your acceptance of the terms of the License Agreement and proceed to payment processing.

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