Chiropractic Consultants


RJF Consulting is a personalized practice management and marketing firm specializing in consulting for the chiropractic physician. Since 1998, we have helped chiropractors across the country implement effective strategies for building success into their practices and personal lives. We use science as our treatment partner and always place the patient first.

Personalized Chiropractic Coaching

A good chiropractic coach is someone who can effectively and efficiently lead chiropractic clients to their desired goals. In a chiropractic coaching relationship, the coach first needs to listen carefully in order to fully understand the client’s situation. He then needs to facilitate thoughtful planning and decision-making, help clients recognize their own potential, and provide fresh perspectives.

Improved Results and Profits

Our aim is to deliver strategies that increase the profitability of our clients’ practices while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and results. In the process of achieving these aims, we also seek to enhance the public’s image of chiropractic care.

Sound Advice Without the Gimmicks

We do not recommend spinal screenings, door-to-door surveys or other ineffective marketing “gimmicks”. Nor do we endorse high patient fees or excessive patient visits. Instead, we custom-tailor solutions to each client’s unique needs and goals. We teach our clients how to improve patient outcomes using the principles of evidence-based chiropractic, and we guide them through processes that enhance their professional reputations and produce greater profits.

Evidence-Based Guidance

We continually search and appraise the scientific literature from over 200 international peer reviewed journals and suggest when and how to use cutting-edge research in chiropractic practice. We know of no other chiropractic management firm or chiropractic consultant that provides this evidence-based guidance to their clients. We are the chiropractic profession’s source for expert clinical advice.