Chiropractic Practice Management and Marketing Solutions

Create an Endless Stream of New Patients

One of our core strengths is our ability to help you improve market share. Our proven methods will show you how to create an endless stream of new patients in a way that will enhance your professional image.

Streamline Chiropractic Office Management

RJF Consulting will show you how to conquer insurance issues. Learn the inside story on how to turn low-paying insurance companies into a strategic advantage, meet insurance company documentation requirements with ease, receive rapid payment from third party payers and streamline your insurance system.

Boost Patient Acceptance

You’ll find out how to improve your patient communications and deliver procedures that enhance patient acceptance without high pressure sales tactics. You’ll also learn the keys to having patients take responsibility for their health.

Get Organized and Increase Productivity

We will help you organize your operating systems, business systems and office management procedures so you can achieve optimal efficiency. Simply stated, we will guide you in transforming your clinic’s productivity.

Hire and Train an All-Star Chiropractic Team

Obviously, hiring the right people is vital to the overall environment of your clinic. But without an effective training system, even the best people will soon become dead weight. We have developed a sophisticated, yet elegantly simple process for hiring the people most likely to contribute to your clinic’s success. We have also formulated a comprehensive training program that gives your new employees the tools they need to become all-star team members!

Gain Peace of Mind

At RJF Consulting, we can teach you how to work smarter, without longer hours; how to create a balance between your practice and your personal life; and how to renew your energy and reduce stress. With our time-tested management guidance, you’ll experience the peace of mind that will allow you to truly enjoy your practice!