5 Key Areas

Every chiropractor needs information on a variety issues to practice chiropractic successfully. We provide outstanding advice in 5 key areas that touch upon all aspects of running a clinic. We provide this information as an integrated system, because each area must interact harmoniously for a clinic to run smoothly. This makes it easier for practitioners to coordinate and implement the information, rather than trying to assimilate input from a variety of independent sources.

Endless New Patient Streams

We know that external marketing alone DOES NOT build a healthy practice. Moreover, what works in one community may be inappropriate in another. That is why our marketing plans are custom tailored using your local marketing data. Our main aim is to enhance your professional image by establishing you as the local expert on musculoskeletal and wellness related conditions.

Personal Coaching

We empower our clients. We will help you conquer your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. You will enjoy a renewed sense of purpose as you improve your leadership & management skills. You will gain control of your life and reduce your stress. Additionally, you will become more organized and effective in all daily activities. Your personal empowerment will soar.

Evidence-Based Systems & Procedures

Evidence-Based clinical systems and protocols will improve patient acceptance & compliance and enhance patient outcomes. Our research shows that outstanding patient outcomes drive referrals faster than any single marketing tool or technique. The main aim of our procedures is to wow the patient with superior results and create a friendly, stress-free experience. It is important to note that our procedures are not cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all. They are customizable to each patient’s condition.

Business Issues

With decades of experience advising 1,000s of clients, we doubt that there is any business matter that we have not already solved. Issues run the gamut -- from financial planning, debt reduction strategies, locating a new clinic space, negotiating a lease, designing a clinic space, or buying & selling a practice, to managing multiple clinics or working with associate doctors. Whatever business issues you are facing, you will not have to re-invent the wheel and wonder if the strategy will work. We utilize tried and true principles to help your business run smoothly.

Federal Regulations Compliance

Complying with regulations is time consuming and costly, but penalties for non-compliance can be devastating. So we have taken a proactive approach and streamlined the regulations -- reducing by 90% the burden of meeting compliance criteria. Our systematic recommendations cover everything, including HIPAA, Disaster Plan, 1557, Immigration Regulations, the Medicare Compliance Manual, MACRA, OSHA and ICD-10 implementation. We make compliance easy!