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Direction of the Evidence is a review journal designed to improve chiropractic practice management.

We provide our clients with cutting-edge knowledge, because it leads to better patient outcomes & more patient referrals. Direction of the Evidence is an indispensable guide to cutting-edge research studies in the chiropractic field. Its brief summary capsules highlight the most up-to-date research information related to spine, extremity and wellness. We review over 10,000 articles for each issue from more than 500 leading peer reviewed journals worldwide and carefully select studies of the highest clinical relevance. We then describe in practitioner-friendly terms what's “behind the curtain” -- the quality of the study and its statistics.

Direction of the Evidence delivers dependable, high-quality advice specifically designed for busy chiropractors. This timely review critically assesses pertinent research related to chiropractic care and offers relevant and meaningful cutting-edge recommendations to assist practitioners in achieving optimal patient outcomes. It provides vital scientific information that helps doctors integrate valid research findings into their practices so they can make smarter clinical decisions.

Direction of the Evidence is published by the Institute of Evidence-Based Chiropractic exclusively for our practice management clients.