Is there a need for evidence-based chiropractic?

The answer is a resounding "Yes."

As the volume of valid evidence expands, so does the need for each chiropractor to develop the expertise necessary to apply the best evidence in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Yet, it is extremely difficult for a busy chiropractor without specialized research training to deal with the responsibilities of patient care as well as the monumental challenge of staying up-to-date with rapidly changing clinical information. Our patients, payers and colleagues expect us to be experts who know how to take appropriate action based on the latest research findings. We have an obligation to educate ourselves in order to meet this expectation.

The Institute of Evidence-Based Chiropractic offers three paths that meet the increasing demand for practicing evidence-based chiropractic:

  1. Evidence-Based 4-minute videos (ResearchCapsule240).
  2. Evidence-Based review journal (Direction of the Evidence).
  3. Evidence-Based chiropractic practice management (RJF Consulting).

Each of these approaches will empower you to apply clinically important information that benefits patients on a daily basis. The bottom line is that practicing evidence-based chiropractic will maximize your professional value by enhancing your ability to make evidence-based decisions in your practice.