Functional Rating Index


Functional Rating Index

A New Valid and Reliable Instrument - The One Minute Index

Patient-centered outcome instruments are now widely recognized as valuable assessment tools for researchers, doctors, patients and payors. The need to measure the function of the neck and back and to demonstrate clinical effectiveness has resulted in many reliable and valid patient report instruments being produced. Yet, existing self-report instruments measuring spinal pain and dysfunction require too much time for patients to answer (5 to 10 minutes per instrument) and health care workers to score (1 to 5 minutes per instrument) and, therefore, are underutilized in daily practice.

A new instrument, the Functional Rating Index, reduces the administrative burden. Functional Rating Index has been tested, and the initial results have been published in Spine. Medical Science Monitor has published a scientific review of 10 independent studies on the Functional Rating Index. The researchers found that the Functional Rating Index demonstrates favorable measurement properties of reliability, validity and responsiveness, and it significantly reduces administrative burden. On average, Functional Rating Index requires only about one minute for a patient to complete and about 20 seconds for a health care worker to score. Additionally, this instrument can be used with cervical, thoracic or lumbar conditions, which reduces the need for multiple instruments for spine-related conditions.

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If you accept this Limited License Agreement, you may download a PDF of the validated English version of the Functional Rating Index and/or the validated Spanish version of the Functional Rating Index. You may download a complimentary copy of the Functional Rating Index Scoring Protocols.

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